The return to nature is an obligatory theme in contemporary culture, as is the need to seek medical alternatives based on experience and scientific research.

Thanks to the experiences lived in the fulfillment of its mission as a pioneer Peruvian institution of its kind and in accordance with its identity and spirit of service, many are those who, from different parts of the world, turn to the Peruvian Institute of Andean Phytotherapic Research (IPIFA) in search of medical assistance and theoretical and practical information regarding Andean-Amazonian medicinal botany of traditional use among native cultures.

Prof. Giovanni Vidari Dept. of Organic Chemistry University of Pavia - Italy
Dr. José Berdonces y Serra Director of the Postgraduate Program in Natural Medicine of the University of Barcelona-Spain

Among other initiatives of an educational-therapeutic nature, the phytochemical and pharmacognostic study of Peruvian medicinal plants, their medical use, systematization of clinical and experimental data, developed jointly with IPIFA, by the University of Pavia (Prof. Giovanni Vidari) and the collaboration of the University of Ferrara (Prof. Alessandro Medici), within the scope of the Bilateral Protocol for Scientific and Technological Cooperation Italy - Peru, should be highlighted.

Among the current prospects for technological and scientific cooperation for the benefit of health, IPIFA considers as a priority those that integrate research on medicinal plants with the study of food plants (including their organic cultivation). Peru is extraordinarily rich in both.

The Institute remains open to exchanging information and collaborating in multidisciplinary research projects: botanical, phytochemical, pharmacological and clinical, as well as in the field of biodiversity and ecoagriculture, either by sharing information, proposing initiatives, or through technical-financial cooperation agreements with similar institutions.

Those who share IPIFA's goals, principles and values are invited to contact us at webmaster@ipifa.org



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