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Dear IPIFA Foundation I am writing to thank you personally for helping me and others with your work. The treatment I received allowed me to cleanse the body of toxins and the simple advice to study meditation led me to find the right path. I have learned to be more connected to my body and spirit. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and was not impressed with the medications offered by The Western Health Care. I was looking for "Alternatives", at least this is what it is called here in the West. I found it and it all started at your foundation. I have recommended you to anyone interested and will continue to do so. Thank you again.
1. Mar*** **iak
01/25/2020 - POLAND
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Your herbs have helped my friend and she has been cancer free for 15 years! That's how I heard about you!
2. Wa** ***ski
01/24/20 - USA
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I started my treatment after the vacations and finished on December 12, 2019,I feel good.I have had the tests done and I am sending you the results for your review.I am happy with the reduced cholesterol compared to the previous results.Thank you very much for your attention,I will continue with my treatment.I cordially greet you and express my respect.
4. Ew* Pawi***
12/23/2019 - POLAND
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I have a question for you guys, do you have what's next in the treatment for Lu** W**. He just finished 2 sessions of herbs, and is asking if he should continue taking a new mixture.
His glioblastoma is getting smaller, even though it has been a year since he was diagnosed and he was given a maximum of one year to live.
This is a miracle!
Please let me know, thank you.
M** Rzo**
En 2006, cuando tenía 20 años, fui diagnosticada con linfoma de Hodgkin. Antes de recibir tratamiento médico en mi ciudad natal de Vancouver, mi familia y yo decidimos explorar la opción de fitoterapia en IPIFA en Chaclacayo. Nuestro tiempo en IPIFA fue milagroso en todos los sentidos. El tratamiento que recibí incluyó una combinación de medicina convencional y holística, lo cual tuvo resultados sorprendentes. Al regresar a Vancouver, tuve una segunda tomografía computarizada, que mostró que mis tumores habían disminuido en un 50%. Recibí una cuarta parte de la quimioterapia que originalmente se suponía que debía recibir y no experimenté los efectos secundarios comunes de la quimioterapia. Mi análisis de sangre estaba estable durante la quimioterapia, lo cual sorprendió a mi oncólogo. Pasé por estos tratamientos de manera completamente diferente a los pacientes con cáncer con los que me encontré en mi camino. Actualmente, trabajo como nutricionista oncológica y recomiendo la fitoterapia del IPIFA para cada uno de mis pacientes.
Ha*** Rak***
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