Edmund Szeliga – Sacerdote Católico Polaco, Salesiano, Misionero. Nació en el seno de una familia pobre el 9 de noviembre de 1910 en Tychy. Su padre murió en la Primera Guerra Mundial cuando él tenía solo 3 años. Terminó la primaria en su ciudad natal rodeada de densos bosques cerca al río Vistula y también nació el interés que tenía él por la naturaleza. Mientras cursaba la secundaria en el colegio salesiano de Oświęcim A la edad de 12 años, escuchó palabras proféticas de un obispo italiano que visitaba la escuela, señalándolo con el dedo; entre un grupo de estudiantes; le dijo: “Serás un misionero en América del Sur”. And so it happened.

Trip to Peru

November 4th


Partió desde Génova en barco hacia Perú, su "tierra prometida", después de un viaje de 36 días, finalmente llegó.

In the headquarters of the Congregation of Salesian priests in Cusco, during the 4 years he stayed in Cusco, he learned Spanish, Quechua and the language of the area, also studied herbal medicine from the herbalist Mariano Moscoso, returned to Italy to study theology in Italy, where on July 2, 1939 he was ordained a priest, and returning to Peru would begin his long and successful history as a herbalist.

He arrived in the communities of the inhabitants of the Urubamba riverbanks, despite being the first white man for them, Father Edmundo gained their trust.

He persistently returned to the community, taught them agriculture, gave them more solid houses, worked to protect the deforestation of the jungle that provides medicinal plants, and even took steps to grant them ownership of their land. traditional herbal healingThis led Father Edmund Szeliga to acquire the millenary knowledge about the healing properties of plants, from the communities of the Piros, Machiguengas, Huachipaeris and others.

Innovative Discovery

to the medical school
of the Universidad San Marcos so that
they could investigate its anti-cancer properties

All of Father Edmundo's discoveries have been seen
reflected in the success he had when he was cured of cancer
and other diseases from to many patients
in a particular way in the capital city.

"Durante mis estadias en la capital...

. During my stays in the capital, I began to help sick people, mostly cancer patients, who, reluctant or resistant to chemotherapy or radiotherapy, came in search of possible alternatives. I did it privately, as an exercise of charity, trying to imitate the great sensitivity that Christ showed to the sick. It was thus that I began to verify the favorable effects of both species of Uncaria in several surprising cases." (Edmundo Szeliga)

Talks in Surquillo

In 1983 he also gave talks on natural medicine in the parish of Jesus Obrero in Surquillo.

From which they made a booklet of natural medicine which you can DOWNLOAD for free.

Aprendamos a curarnos
IPIFA's Foundation

In 1983, here in Lima, a Spanish patient who had just been treated for CANCER in the United States, surprised by the favorable results of the treatment that Father Edmundo Szeliga offered him, proposed to institutionalize the treatment service based on plants, which he offered individually and privately. Thus, between April and May 1983, the National Institute of Andean Phytotherapeutic Research was created.

Padre edmundo

Officer's Cross of the Order of Merit

Throughout his life he selflessly helped, cured patients from all over the world here in Peru, examined and tested the effects of medicinal herbs and taught them to others.

By order of the President of the Republic of Poland on July 14, 1999, Father Edmund Szeliga received the Officer's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland in the Grade of Officer's Cross.

Father Edmund Szeliga, after spending his life serving his fellow man, died on September 3, 2005, at the age of 94. He rests in the cemetery of El Angel in Lima.


The doors of IPIFA have remained open to visits from students and academics from different countries, while special attention has been given to the popular dissemination of phytotherapy, through courses and educational brochures.

IPIFA's main objective now is to promote the development of quality products based on Peruvian medicinal plants, which will ensure greater access to the population at the national level and competitively project Peru to the world market.

It also contributes to the dissemination of integral health, with the organized participation of citizens and the State.



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