Unveiling of memorial plaque for our founder Fr. Edmund Szeliga.

Unveiling of the commemorative plaque for our founder Fr. Edmund Szeliga

The Polish Embassy unveiled on Thursday, December 9, 2021, in the park of the same name, a beautiful commemorative plaque for Father Edmundo Szeliga Kozik, a Salesian missionary who dedicated his life to the study and promotion of Peruvian natural medicine, with particular interest in the study he conducted on the benefits of cat's claw (uncaria tomentosa), which was the motivation for founding our IPIFA institute more than thirty years ago.

IPIFA together with ambassador Antonina Magdalena Śniadecka
IPIFA President Abraham Suybate
IPIFA, remains to this day our research house directed by him in spirit and hearing in our hearts, as if he were still among us, the adage he used to recite when saying goodbye or greeting: with faith and joy.
In order to perpetuate the memory of Father Edmundo, the Polish Embassy in Lima kindly provided us with a space in this important event where priests from other congregations and the same one founded by Don Bosco could evoke him in moving anecdotes.
On our part, the Board of Directors of IPIFA was deeply moved to share what follows the guidance of Father Edmundo Szeliga in this Christian task of bringing health to those who require it and also to note that both the work of exploration and promotion of Andean and Amazonian plants in the phytotherapy center are still in force.
Antonia Antonina Magdalena Śniadecka-Kotarska, Ambassador of Poland in Peru, who managed the details for the realization of this event and who sent us the invitations to this just tribute to the memory of Edmundo Szeliga.
We also extend our thanks to the editors of the newspapers Expreso and La Razon, who covered the details of the meeting. In a way, this helps us to introduce Bro. Edmundo, sbd, and his inspirations to those who do not know him.
May this demonstration of love for the one who is no longer on this Earth serve to forge, even more, the relations between Peru and Poland; and to strengthen the fight for a more affordable and healthy medicine.
EDMUND SZELIGA SDB 1911 - 2005 Salesian Missionary who dedicated 70 years of his life to the indigenous peoples and the most needy. Precursor of alternative medicine with native plants of the Amazon and the Amphibians, especially the cat's claw - Vilcacora - he was promoter and founder in 1983 of the Peruvian Institute of Andean Phytotherapic Research (IPIFA).


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